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Hello world!

GONDOLA stands in a rectangular room. Some time ago he wandered here somehow, by unclear means and for unclear reasons. Not that it matters, really. GONDOLA is used to wandering into strange new places.

As the old copypasta goes:

Gondola was not a mistake.

Gondolas are relaxed, harmless creatures that observe their environment. They rarely interfere anything, but just keep observing. They rarely talk, just look around and smile.


Gondola is the silent walker. Having no hands he embodies the Taoist principle of WU-WEI (non-action) while his smiling facial expression shows his utter and complete acceptance of the world as it is.

The idea that WU-WEI means total non-action isn't quite right. In the first place, it's a prescription for governance. Rulers acting in accordance to WU-WEI might appear not to govern, if their governance follows the natural inclinations of the people and the natural movement of all things. To accomplish this, they must after all still govern. So says the Tang-era Daoist priest Du Guangting:


That is, to react to tragedy with a placid smile is not WU-WEI, nor is standing by in emergencies and merely looking on. Rulers must act, but without drawing wealth or attention. They must work without imposing private interests in the way of the public.

For us, what WU-WEI might mean is unclear -- GONDOLA is no king. He's a weird little bear thing who wanders around with immense curiosity. He fiddles with his surroundings and touches the hearts of all who encounter him. He is not, however, here on a mission. He is not out to change the world.

In any case, this comic isn't supposed to be a faithful Daoist text. GONDOLA wanders -- he'll deviate from his origins and we'll follow him one step at a time. WU-WEI is just a city in Anhui.

What will GONDOLA do?